Welcome to Multi-Matchup Sports. Here, you are able to compare the results and schedules of any number of teams side by side. This is designed to provide an easy way to view multiple teams' schedules and results without having to open a page (or tab) for each team then switch back and forth between them. You'll have everything you want to see on one page right in front of you. Also, coming soon is a powerful standings analyzer. Check back often for more information. To jump directly to a league and skip this page, use the league's abbriviation followed by .MultiMatchupSports.com. So enter nhl.MultiMatchupSports.com for the Nation Hockey League, mlb.MultiMatchupSports.com for the Major League Baseball, and so on.


Here are just some of the reasons to use Multi-Matchup Sports:
  • Compare the upcoming schedules for teams competing for playoff positioning.
  • Fantasy league matchup analyzer: Know who to sit and who to play.
  • Individual or team stat race: Know who each player/team has coming up to see which is most likely improve positioning.
  • Before you team plays, check out their opponent's previous few games to see how hot they are. The color coding makes it easy to quickly analyze without thought.
  • The charting feature allows you to see how the entire season has gone.

Update Log

"Strength of Schedule" fields on StandingsSaturday, March 10, 2012 10:25 PM
Added "Played Strength of Schedule", "Strength of Schedule", and "Total Strength of Schedule". See the standings page for more info.
Schedule Strength InformationSunday, July 10, 2011 8:00 PM
When comparing schedules, if you don't remember how good a team is, you can either put the mouse over the team and it'll show the team's record in a tooltip. Or to get an overview of how good all of the upcoming teams are, check the "Show Power Color" checkbox. Teams with the league's best record will be red, worst record green, yellow for middle of the road, and fade between the colors for everybody in between.
Save Settings on Standings PageSaturday, March 19, 2011 4:15 PM
The standings page now has a button to allow you to save the visible columns and selected teams.
Alignment Options ChangedFriday, March 18, 2011 11:11 PM
This update includes four parts:
  • "Game Number" is now "First Game" and works the same as before.
  • "Next Game" is a new option. It's similar to "First Game" in that it aligns the games by number. The difference is that if teams haven't played the same number of games, the schedules will be shifted to make sure each team's next game are all in the same row. Compare schedules of (at lease) two teams with a different number of games played to see an example. This is now the default option for most leagues (NFL still defaults to "Week").
  • "Date" now fills off dates. Basically, this has taken the place of "Date (Include Off Dates)".
  • "Date (Include Off Dates)" has been removed since "Date" has taken its place.
Advanced Standings PageThursday, March 17, 2011 11:56 PM
MMS's has a second page! This standings page will give you more information than any other website's standings page. You can even select a specific team to get detailed information about how that team's position. Select a league then click the "Standings" link to view the page.
MLB Schedules AvailableSaturday, February 5, 2011 5:13 PM
It's a little bit early, but MLB Schedules are now ready for comparison.
Improved Browser CompatibilityThursday, January 6, 2011 9:18 AM
If you've used the site before and things didn't work or weren't lined up right, it should be working for you now. I improved the browser compatibility. Internet Explorer 7 (and up), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari should all work now.
NBA Schedules AvailableThursday, December 2, 2010 1:57 PM
NBA Schedules are now ready for comparison.
Compared Teams Ordered By StandingsSaturday, November 27, 2010 7:03 AM
Teams that are selected when doing the schedule comparison are order by standings instead of just order in the selection table.
Share Feature OperationalFriday, November 26, 2010 10:30 AM
The share functionality is fully operational. Don't forget to use it to tell your friends.

How it Works

First, you will need to select which league you want to view the schedules for. They are in the green bar at the top of the page on the left hand side. You can also go directly to the league’s page by using the league’s abbreviation plus “.matchupheaven.com” (example: nhl.matchupheaven.com for the National Hockey League).

Select Comparison Options

You should then see something similar to the following:

Select Teams

Here, you select the teams you want to see the schedules for. You can select an entire division by clicking the division name (note: any other selected teams will be unchecked). You can then filter the games by Home, Away, or Both (All) by specifying the Location1. Align By does just what is says. It aligns the games by your selection. If you just want to know who the next few opponents are, then Game Number is probably what you want. If you care more about WHEN they play those opponents, the Date will be more useful. As of now, those are the only two options, but more are planned2. Click Compare Schedules to build the comparison.

Comparing Schedules

Depending on your selections, you’ll see something like the following3:

Align By: Game NumberAlign By Game Number Align By: Date (Include Off Dates)Align By Date

Notice that as you scroll down the page, the table’s header freezes to the top of the screen so that you can see which schedule is for which team without scrolling back to the top of the page. You can swap the order of teams by clicking the ⇔ button. Games that are between selected teams will be in bold italics. So, in this example, any games under Vancouver that are against Buffalo will stand out. Games that have gone final will be highlighted based on the team’s result for the game. Green is for a win, red for a loss, and yellow for a tie4. The final score is displayed with the score of the selected team first followed by the opponent’s score. So under Vancouver’s header, the first score is always for Vancouver. If the game is not final, it displays the game time.

Share This Matchup

Share This Matchup

This control provides a way to share a schedule comparison automatically through just about any service you can think of. This control (excluding Show Link) is provided by AddThis5. If you want to share the comparison somewhere other than the tools provided, you can click Show Link to view a direct link. You can then either highlight the link and copy it, or you can right click the link and do “Copy link Address” or “Copy Shortcut” (depending on your browser). This is especially useful for sharing on message boards, specifically, to help support any argument you’re having with some fool(s) who dares go against you.

What exactly will the recipients see?

First and foremost, all of the teams you are viewing will be drawn for the recipient, and they will be in the same order as you see when you share it. So if you want to show the schedules in a specific order, simply re-order them (with the ⇔ buttons) prior to sharing. Keep in mind the schedules will always display the most up-to-date data that it has. This means that if games go final between the time you share and the time your friend (or foe) clicks the link, he will see the schedules with the updated data. There is no way to backdate the schedule. Also included in the link is the season for which you are viewing schedules so you can share historical results. Finally, the Home/Away Filter (Location) and Align By settings will also be included. Basically, except for any additional games that have gone final, your recipient(s) will see the schedule in exactly the same way as you see it when you clicked share (or copied the direct link).

Additional Sharing Features:

You can jump a user to any row in the table by appending an anchor name to the link6. This is done by placing the # character followed by the anchor name to the end of the link. The anchor name depends on the Align By option. If the far left column is a number, then the anchor name is just that number. So if you want to jump the recipient to game number 20, you can copy the provided link and add #20 to the end (for example http://nhl.matchupheaven.com/Schedules.aspx?season=2010&type=regularseason&location=1&align=1&pit=1&phi=1#20). If it contains a date, the anchor name is in the format YYMMDD, so February 5, 2011 would be 110205 ( http://nhl.matchupheaven.com/Schedules.aspx?season=2010&type=regularseason&location=1&align=3&pit=1&phi=1#110205). However, keep in mind that the header row is frozen to the top of the screen. So, if you want to show the recipient game number 20, you will probably want to use #18 so that game 20 won’t be hidden by the header.

Additional Sharing Tools from AddThis5:

Put the mouse over Share This Matchup to have the following menu appear with additional sharing options.

Additional Share

Click Share This Matchup to have the following menu appear with maximum sharing options.

Maximum Sharing
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